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Don’t Make These UGC Creator Portfolio Mistakes

We already know that a well-crafted UGC portfolio is an invaluable tool for creators looking to impress potential clients (and make bank). However, there are a few obvious mistakes that can hinder your chances of landing a deal. While obvious to us, to new creators, they might not be quite so glaring.

Today, we’re making them clear as day.

We’re discussing the three biggest portfolio mistakes that new UGC creators make. By avoiding these pitfalls and following best practices, you can significantly increase your chances of success. 

Let’s dive in and discover how to optimize your portfolio for maximum impact.

3 UGC Portfolio Mistakes You’re Making

You’re Making It Difficult To Contact You

If you’ve only got a “Contact Me” button, you’re doing it wrong.

Making it easy for clients to reach out to you is crucial. While including a “contact me” button on your portfolio is a good start, it’s essential to go a step further. Many people don’t have their mail app set up on their computer, and clicking the button might trigger a pop-up window that complicates the process. To ensure seamless communication, prominently display your email address on your portfolio. 

This simple step eliminates potential frustrations and allows potential clients to contact you directly.

Lack of Case Studies, Analytics, or Tangible Results 

Brands are not just seeking “content.” They want content that drives measurable results. 

To stand out from the competition, include case studies, analytics, and tangible results in your portfolio. Showcase the impact of your work by highlighting sales data, conversions, or ROI. Demonstrating your ability to deliver concrete outcomes reassures brands that working with you is a worthwhile investment. Let the numbers speak for themselves and showcase the value you can provide.

Which brings us nicely to the third and final error.

Alex Cooper, the founder of Adcrate, echoed this sentiment when telling us what his agency looks for in new creators. “Show me results. give me data. For example, my creatives resulted in a 50% hook rate for brand X; a 20% CPA reduction for brand Y. Barely any creators do this but it’s what all agencies (and brands) want to see“. His second tip, and possibly the most important… “don’t have “what is ugc?” on your portfolio lol.

Way too Much Text

When it comes to text in your portfolio, remember that less is more. Avoid overwhelming potential clients with excessive amounts of information. A lengthy “about me” section often goes unread, wasting valuable space. Similarly, sections explaining the benefits or definition of UGC may not be necessary. While educating clients about the benefits of UGC is important, your portfolio should primarily focus on showcasing your work and highlighting the results you’ve achieved for other brands. Keep your text concise, impactful, and directly relevant to your portfolio’s purpose.

So What Should My UGC Portfolio Include?

A well-designed and thoughtfully curated portfolio is essential for UGC creators looking to attract clients. By avoiding common portfolio mistakes, you can greatly increase your chances of landing deals and showcasing your expertise effectively. 

So now that we’ve covered what you shouldn’t do… what should you include in your UGC portfolio?

 A Short Bio

Let’s not write war and peace. Introduce yourself, including anything that sets you apart from other creators. If you create a lot of pet content, include information about your dog. Include where you are based. This is vital for brands with physical products. If they don’t ship to the US and want a British accent, the chances are, you may not fit the bill.

 Examples of Work

Make sure you have one strong hook, pain points, before and after and a call to action. UGC is an art, and if you want to be paid, brands and agencies will want to see these variations of content. Ensure these videos are top of their game in terms of UGC editing and always have at least one video showcasing your voice. 

Skip the photos. I know you don’t want to hear that. But brands are paying for the UGC video content, generally, imagery is an add on. Demonstrate your photography skills in your profile picture and your contact me page.


UGC is a business. Glowing client reviews add strength to your argument as a creator. Where possible, include stats or numbers for content that has been utilized by brands. 

Packages & Rates

Packaging your UGC content is essential if you want to attract clients, build your brand, and make a consistent and predictable income. 

A good starting point is 1 UGC Ad, 3 UGC Ad’s and a Tester Package. In a tester package, you’ll include 3 ads, plus an additional hook for each, giving the brand 6 UGC ads to work with.

After your packages, add an additional note that says you offer retainer packages, and this is where you can go to town negotiating a fair rate.

 Contact information

Give them the information they need to get in touch with you. Display your email clearly, or add a link to book a Calendly call. 

 Ready To Create Your UGC Portfolio?

What are you waiting for? Ready, set, create your portfolio. Becoming a UGC creator isn’t an overnight success, as much as that would be great. It can be a challenging journey and one that takes time, but a great portfolio starts you off on a great foot.

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