Sick and tired of sending pitches and getting ghosted?

Crafting a compelling pitch is a skill that can make the difference in securing partnerships that pay the big bucks, or being ghosted. But crafting the perfect pitch is a skill many creators fall short on (until today).

The good news? We’ve made as easy as 1, 2, 3. Download our Pitch Playbook now to learn how to take your UGC pitch from zero to hero.

In this guide we'll cover:


Why do you need a pitch for UGC (and how to make the most of yours


How to craft the perfect pitch: the eight sections you need to hit a homerun


The pitch mistakes that are costing creators $$$$ and how to fix them


Copy and paste pitch examples for 14 different use cases


How to find the right person to send your pitch to for the best chance of success

UGC pitching guide pitch playbook

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