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Want to start your UGC creator journey today? We’re here to make it happen.

The UGC Club is a digital publication that enables creators to start their UGC journey, right here, right now. We offering resources and education on the things that matter to creators, from audience growth to monetization.


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Every journey’s gotta start somewhere. Ours began with Wasting Money on Countless UGC Guides, just like yours.

The UGC Club began as a means to an end for new UGC creators. When I first started UGC, I couldn’t find anywhere to find easy-to-consume information to start without having to pay for Stan Store guides. Through a blog, weekly newsletter, and social channels, we started to provide creators with everything they needed to turn their passion into a viable side hustle, from helpful how-to guides to up-to-the-minute creator news.

Through the process, we learned a lot from you, too. Interacting with our audience gave us tons of insight into creators’ hopes and dreams, but also their needs and pain points. 

The UGC Club helps creators Find Their Feet in A Wobbly Industry, Without Paying A Dime.