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How To Become a UGC Pet Creator

July 27, 202312 min read

UGC pet creator

In 2023, there’s millions of ways to make money online, the latest (and greatest) is perfect for those with furry companions. UGC Pet Creators. These talented individuals have harnessed the irresistible charm of their furry companions to help brands create ads that can convert, and make bank in the process.


Unlike traditional businesses that require substantial upfront investment, becoming a pet creator can be done with just a smartphone and your pet. The minimal overhead cost and 99% profit margin make it an attractive option for aspiring entrepreneurs.


Now, becoming a UGC Pet Creator isn’t about sharing cute pics of your pup; it’s about creating engaging content for brands that are crying out for. The pet industry is essentially recession-proof, as pet owners prioritize the well-being of their furry friends, regardless of economic conditions. By offering high-performing content to pet brands, you become an essential asset, helping them thrive in a booming market.


So, how do you get started?

Knowing how to become a UGC creator is one thing, but knowing how to become a UGC pet creator is another kettle of fish altogether. Here’s how to get started.









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What Is Pet UGC Creator?

By now, you probably know what a UGC content creator is, but let’s just recap.


UGC, or ‘User Generated Content’ is a subcategory of content creation, characterized by content that appears as if it was created by a consumer (believe it or not).


More often than not, it’s shot on mobile and has a raw, unpolished and authentic feel to it.  And it works: 86% of consumers find that UGC is the most authentic form of content, which has led to many brands utilizing UGC in their marketing campaigns, with great success.


Instead of waiting for fans to post content organically, brands pay creators to generate UGC-style content that blends seamlessly into users’ feeds. Which is where you come in.


You don’t need any followers. You don’t need a lot of equipment. What you do need is the know how, the creativity and the drive to just get the work done.


To be a pet UGC creator, you do the same, but add a dog.


Or cat, fish or guinea pig. You get the picture.

How To Get Started As A Pet UGC Creator

You can become a pet UGC creator overnight, but you won’t become a good one. It takes time to learn the ropes, develop your personal brand and build a client base, but when you do, the rewards can be lucrative.


Here’s our 6 step process to getting started in pet UGC:

1. Learn How To Film UGC

If you want to become a pet UGC creator, you’re going to need to create some UGC content. Funnily enough, this is the step that 95% of new creators skip? Time and time again, newbies jump straight to creating their portfolio, without ever having filmed an ad.


Sure, you might be able to film a TikTok video and fling together an edit on CapCut, but will it convert? Contrary to popular belief, UGC content isn’t aesthetic. It’s not always flattering. It utilizes direct response marketing principles to elicit a reaction from users. Can you sell?

2. Create Your Portfolio

A UGC portfolio is essential for pet creators looking to secure collaborations. A portfolio allows you to demonstrate your skills and your worth to the brand.


Luckily, creating a UGC portfolio isn’t nearly as hard as you might think. You can create a UGC portfolio for free on Canva.  You need little to no design skills to pull together something that looks pretty funky. 


For beginners, it’s the most accessible way to create a UGC portfolio to share with brands.

3. Build You (And Your Pets) Personal Brand

Social media can be a godsend when trying to build a personal brand as UGC creator. While each platform will be different, across the board you’re going to need an optimized profile. 


Here are our 4 keys to a strong profile on social media:

🔑 Professional headshot with your pet (close-up, bright, smiling): Having your profile image match across all of your socials – you want to create consistency here. 


🔑 Keyword optimized bio: Your bio can be simple. Just mention what you do and who you serve.


 🔑 Banner (not generic): Don’t just put, “UGC Creator” – we want to use this real estate to stand out. Worked with over 200 brands? Put it in the banner. Have over 10M monthly views?  Put it in the banner. Featured in a Forbes article?  Put it in the banner.


 🔑 Links to your portfolio

4. Create An Grand Slam Offering

As a pet creator, you’ve niched down. This gives you the opportunity to sell as an expert, a premium service if you will. You’re going to want to nail your  “Grand Slam Offer” – the unique value proposition that sets you apart from others. 


You’re going to be creating high-performing content that aligns with your clients’ goals will enable you to charge high-ticket monthly retainers, elevating your business to the next level.


So, what do these retainers look like? Consider your packages carefully, and price yourself at the higher end. Pets are a commodity. Don’t sell yourself short.

5. Pitch To Brands

From here, it’s time to seek out pet brands with significant financial resources to maximize your earning potential. Collaborating with established brands allows you to charge premium prices and positions you as an authority figure in the pet niche. 


This is easier than you would think. You’ll find pet brands galore in the Facebook Ad Library who are actively spending $$$$. We’ve gone as far to compile a list of 

Pet Brands Looking For UGC Creators. Now we pitch them.


A pitch email should be carefully crafted to grab the attention of the brands and convince them to collaborate with you. From top to bottom:

Strong subject line: A recent survey found that 75% of all emails never get read. Your subject line is your first impression and your chance to pique the reader’s interest.  A strong subject line should be attention-grabbing, concise, and relevant to the brand and to you. 


Intro: VERY brief overview of who you are and what you do. It should also mention the specific brand that you are reaching out to and explain why the collaboration would be beneficial for their marketing goals.


Credibility proof: To convince the brand to collaborate, provide some good reasons for what they’ll seek to gain. This could include previous partnerships or results.


CTA: A call-to-action (CTA) is an essential element of any brand pitch email. It should clearly state what you want the brand to do. Could be as simple as responding to the email or setting up a call.


6. Get Paid

If you’re looking to set your rates as a UGC creator, you can use the below as basic guidelines to start with. 


You’ll quickly work out what brands are willing to pay you as a creator and what you’re comfortable charging, so you can adjust these as needed.


Rates are there to be negotiated, don’t be shy in fighting for what you’re worth, but also remember that there is no shame in dropping your rates if you need the job or your building experience. Everyone starts somewhere.

Rate Type


Average Range

Organic UGC

UGC for social profiles, website, email marketing

$150-300 for 1 video

Paid Ads Usage

Usage rights to run ads on TikTok or Meta

+30% for 90-day paid usage rights+50% for 180-day paid usage rights

Ad testing sets

4/8 videos with different hooks and CTAs

$600 for 4 videos (2 hooks, 2 CTAs)$800 for 8 videos (4 hooks, 2 CTAs)


Boosting video post from your account, with brand spend

+30% of base rate

Raw footage

Non-edited footage

+3050% for raw footage

Monthly contracts

10, 20 or 30 UGC videos

$100-$200 per video, so $3,000-$6,000 for 30 videos

You’ve delivered your first paid for content, and you’re patiently waiting to watch the $$$ roll in. Kerching! Assuming you sent the invoice…


To put it bluntly, no invoice, no payment. 


You can use platforms such as Bonsai or Honeybooks for an automated system at a small cost, or you can create your own and send via email.

🐶  Ready To Become A Pet Creator?

Ready to make the big bucks with your pooch? It’s over to you now. Don’t be deterred if you’re not racking up $$$$ after two weeks: becoming a pet creator isn’t an overnight success, as much as that would be great. 

It can be a challenging journey and one that takes time, but if you can overcome the initial hurdles you can build a life you love with your furry friend. 


Commit to these steps, dedicate six months, and get ready to make bank. Let’s kickstart your UGC pet creator journey today.

Kirk Axley

Kirk Axley is the founder of The UGC Club. With nearly 10 years of digital marketing experience she set out to create a community that helped UGC creators learn the ropes (without having to spend a penny).