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Pet Brands Looking For UGC Creators

July 29, 202312 min read

Sick of playing go fetch with UGC pet brands? We’ve rounded up the pet brands looking for top-notch UGC pet creators like you. 


From wag-worthy dog food to stylish pet accessories, there’s a gig for every pet-loving creator out there. Grab your cameras and get those creative tails wagging, because these brands are eager to showcase your purr-fect content, and they’re more than willing to pay for it.


Don’t let the dog days get you down, get pitching for these paws-itively awesome pet brands looking for content this August. 


PS, I’m done. No more pet-puns. I promise.


Pet Brands Looking For UGC Creators

If you’re looking to start your week off strong, we’ve compiled some incredible brands actively looking for UGC creators for paid content. Now, pre-warning here and I’m gonna dish out some harsh truths.


Just because they have budget for paid content, does not mean they have budget for you.

Before you grab the emails of all ten and fire off generic pitches, make sure you can deliver content that fits the brand (for the love of god, if you don’t have a dog, don’t apply to the dog brand).

1. Chippin

Chippin is a brand that specialises in pet nutrition, namely dog food and dog treats. Their products are powered by planet-friendly proteins, and they are developed in collaboration with veterinarians to ensure the best possible nutrition for dogs. Basically, good food for your pup.

The company’s focus is on providing all-natural, eco-friendly proteins for dogs — think ingredients like wild-caught silver carp fish, human-grade cricket, and vegan spirulina. These ingredients are sustainably sourced, and the recipes are designed to be gut-healthy and hypoallergenic, making them suitable for dogs with allergies.

✅ What To Pitch: Chippin emphasises the importance of reducing the environmental impact of pet food consumption and promotes conscious sourcing of ingredients to contribute to a healthier future for both dogs and the planet. They highlight the eco-pawprint, so pitch with angles around this. 


❌ What They Are Not Looking For: Cats, believe it or not. 


✉️ Kianna Noonan for media enquiries, search for a decision maker!

2. Pupford

Pupford is a company that focuses on helping dog owners raise happy, healthy, and well-mannered pups. They offer a range of products and services designed to assist in dog training and nutrition, with the ultimate goal of building a strong and lifelong relationship between owners and their canine companions.


The company’s offerings include dog training courses, treats and chews and toys.

✅ What To Pitch: Chippin emphasises the importance of reducing the environmental impact of pet food consumption and promotes conscious sourcing of ingredients to contribute to a healthier future for both dogs and the planet. They highlight the eco-pawprint, so pitch with angles around this. 


❌ What They Are Not Looking For: Generic aesthetic content.

3. GO! Solutions

GO! Solutions UGC.

GO! SOLUTIONS is a company that specializes in crafting premium dog and cat food recipes. Their philosophy is centered around providing tailored recipes that are designed to meet the unique dietary needs of pets, helping them look and feel their best.

The company offers a range of dog and cat recipes that are formulated by pet nutrition experts. These recipes cater to various dietary requirements, including grain and gluten-free options, limited ingredient recipes, and high-protein formulations. The focus is on addressing allergies, sensitivities, and health issues that pets may have.

They are part of the Petcurean family, a company known for its dedication to providing nutritious and wholesome pet food options (and their healthy budgets).

What To Pitch: The selling point of GO! is the ability to address allergies, sensitive and health issues. Pitch a hook of a cat/dog with intolerances, how does this make the pet owner feel? 

What They Are Not Looking For: Generic aesthetic content.

4. Embark

Embark is a company that offers dog DNA testing services. Their mission is to help dog owners understand their furry best friends on a whole new level by providing incredible insights into their dog’s unique appearance, behavior, and health through DNA testing.

Embark provides a range of dog DNA tests, including:

  1. Breed ID DNA Test: This test helps identify a dog’s breed mix with a breakdown of ancestry, allowing owners to discover what makes their dog unique in terms of breed composition.
  2. Health and Wellness DNA Test: This test provides genetic screenings and microbiome testing, enabling dog owners to make smarter decisions about their dog’s care and well-being.
  3. Gut Health Test: This test is designed to diagnose and resolve digestive issues by assessing the dog’s gut microbiome and helping to bring it back into balance.

Embark emphasizes the use of better science to promote happier dogs. Their DNA testing provides valuable data and insights that can lead to improvements in a dog’s health and lifestyle, including preventive care, dietary adjustments, and other wellness strategies.

✅ What To Pitch: While it’s fun to find out breed backgrounds etc, the crux of the product is that it enhances a dog’s well-being. I’d be looking at hooks around owners who’ve tried every dog food on the market and nothing was working to settle their pups tummy. A gut test was the last resort.


❌ What They Are Not Looking For: Aesthetic content

5. Hill's Pet Nutrition

Hill’s Pet Nutrition is a company that specializes in creating premium pet food for dogs and cats. Their focus is on providing properly balanced nutrition that caters to the specific needs of pets at different life stages, breeds, and sizes. Whether it’s puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats, or senior pets, Hill’s offers biology-based nutrition designed to support pets’ overall health and well-being.


The company emphasizes its commitment to science-backed pet food, ensuring that the food they produce is not only nutritious but also beneficial for pets in ways that can be seen, felt, and trusted by pet owners.

6. Open Farm

Open Farm is a company that specializes in producing natural pet food for cats and dogs. Their focus is on providing high-quality and nutritious pet food made from quality ingredients, ensuring healthier and happier pets. They pride themselves on meeting ethical and sustainable standards in their ingredient sourcing, recipes, and packaging.


The company offers a variety of pet food products for both dogs and cats, including dry food, freeze-dried raw patties, and grain-free raw mixes. They also provide probiotic supplement chews and dehydrated treats for dogs.

✅ What To Pitch: Open Farm emphasizes transparency and accountability in their practices. They have set high standards for their pet food, which include stringent animal welfare standards and a climate strategy commitment. This is an angle I’ve not seen before.


❌ What They Are Not Looking For: Horses

7. Squishface

Squishface is a company that offers products designed to clean and protect the wrinkles, tear stains, tail pockets, and other skin folds of dogs, particularly those of wrinkly short-faced breeds such as English Bulldogs, Pugs, Shar-peis, and French Bulldogs. 


The company’s products are made in the USA and utilize natural ingredients to address common issues faced by these breeds.


Squishface products are crafted without water or alcohol, and the formulations have been carefully developed to ensure they are effective and safe for dogs with sensitive skin. The products do not contain potential allergens often found in other pet care products, such as lavender, aloe, dandelion, or added fragrances.

8. Cuddle Clones

✅ What To Pitch: The pain points owners of English Bulldogs, Pugs, Shar-peis, and French Bulldogs will be experiencing, check trust pilot for these reviews.


❌ What They Are Not Looking For: Chihuahuas or cats… be smart.

Cuddle Clones are custom stuffed animals that are designed to look like your beloved pets. The company offers a unique and personalized service where they handcraft custom plushies that replicate the appearance and characteristics of your pet. This allows you to cherish your bond with your pet forever and have a tangible reminder of your furry friend.

To create a Cuddle Clone, customers start by providing pictures of their pet and describing their pet’s characteristics.

The designers at Cuddle Clones then use these images and information to meticulously handcraft a custom plush that captures the essence and likeness of the pet. The result is a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal that closely resembles your pet, making it a truly special keepsake.

How Much To Charge For Retainer Clients

Before you start counting the $$$$ from the collaborations that haven’t happened yet, know for certain that you can confidently deliver content that can deliver results for the brand.


If you’re sure of that, tell them how. Look at the previous UGC content they’ve used, see where it falls short and tell them how you would improve on it when you pitch to them.


Good luck and happy pitching!

Kirk Axley

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