How To Find UGC Clients on Facebook

Landing brand partnerships and UGC jobs can be tricky. Landing deals with companies that have a serious budget can be even trickier.

But when you finally land one of these clients – the brands that seem to have pockets deeper than Atlantis – you’ll never go back to working with low-budget-brands.

But the question is how can you find these Atlantis’ brands?

Short answer? Facebook.

Today, we’re uncovering one of the best methods to find brands that have UGC in budget. Let’s dive in.

The Best Place To Find UGC Clients (With Cash To Spend)

It’s no secret. You can get paid WAY more for creating a paid ad for a brand than you can by creating a video for organic purposes. Why? Because nine times out of ten that brand can make a lot more with that paid ad.

Because of this, brands typically allocate more budget to paid media vs. organic content.

So, if you want to find brands with higher budgets, you’re going to want to find brands running paid ads.

The best place for this is the Facebook Ads Library.

It’s completely free, and it shows you every single ad that is running on Facebook and Instagram.

How To Find UGC Brands on Facebook

First, using the Facebook Ads Library, search for a keyword in your niche and filter to your country. For this example, we’ll use Greens Powder. Now, we’ll see all of the active “Greens Powder” ads that are running on Facebook and Instagram.

Facebook Ads library for UGC.

Scroll through and you’ll see that there are hundreds of these ads. One company in particular with this example is SkinnyFit. They’re testing many different ads, and it looks like they’re leaning heavily into the UGC-style.

This would be a perfect hit. You’ve now identified a brand that:

  1. You want to work with
  2. Has a budget (actively running ads)

Rinse, repeat and find 10 more.

How To Reach Out To UGC Clients on Facebook

The first step with reaching out is to figure out how and who we are going to contact. Many creators will use Instagram DMs (not a bad method, but not the most professional). We recommend identifying the decision maker and sending them an email.

You can use tools like LinkedIn or Sales Navigator on Linkedin to find this person, and then free tools to get their email adress (I recommend the Wiza chrome extension)

Once you’ve found the decision maker and their email, it’s time to craft your pitch.

You’ll want to make sure to include a few elements:

  • Acknowledge that you saw their Facebook/Instagram Ads
  • You can increase their ads’ performance

Remember, you aren’t pitching content. You’re pitching the outcome that your content can provide.

Better results. More conversions. In your pitch, you’ll want to share some insights into how you plan to get them better results from their ads. That could be an idea for a new angle in their ads. Or maybe that’s a case study of an ad you made for a similar brand that crushed it.

Once you’ve got this process dialled in, do it again and again, and watch the high paying clients continue to roll in.

Good luck, and happy pitching.

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