Packages to offer as a new UGC creator

UGC Packages To Offer As A New UGC Creator

As a new creator, working out what UGC packages to offer clients and how to set your UGC rates can be a massive hurdle.

However, packaging your UGC content is essential if you want to attract clients, build your personal brand, and make some moolah making content. Brands wont describe every hook and angle they need, because they don’t know they need it yet.

That’s down to you: prescribe easy to understand, value driven packages that they can’t say no to.

By the end of this article, you will have a solid understanding of what packages you should be offering and how to price them appropriately, to help you succeed as a UGC content creator.




    • 1 UGC AD

    • 3 UGC ADS



What Are UGC Packages and Why Do They Matter?

There are different types of UGC content packages that you can offer as a beginner UGC content creator, and they can be tailored to meet the needs of the brand. As a rule of thumb, popular types of content packages include:

🤑 Starter Packages: These are entry-level packages that are designed to provide a brand a taste of what you offer. Starter packages can include a selection of your best content or a small collection of themed content, such as a series of photos or videos.

💰 Premium Packages: Premium packages are higher-priced and offer more value and engagement than starter packages. These can include additional hooks, shot variations or more angles of a product.

💵 Monthly Retainers: These are the one’s we’re looking for. Retainers are recurring packages that brands pay for on a regular basis. These will vary from client to client, but may look like 15 videos per month or something similar.

 By understanding the different types of UGC content packages and tailoring them to meet the needs of your target audience, you can effectively build your UGC content creation business and attract a loyal following of engaged fans.

And, ultimately that translates into more revenue for your and by this time, you’re already a full-time content creator.

Content Packages For A Brand New UGC Creator

As with any industry, the UGC content creation world offers both opportunities and challenges for aspiring creators. On the one hand, the rise of social media and content sharing platforms has made it easier than ever to create and share content with a global audience.

On the other hand, the growing popularity of UGC content creation has also led to increased competition. With millions of creators vying for attention on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, it can be challenging for new creators to break through and build a following. If you’re looking to start UGC now, you’re going to face a number of challenges:

1 UGC Ad (~$150-200)

Find your base rate for 1 UGC ad. This will be different for everyone based on skill rate and experience, but make sure that this rate is high enough for the price to go down as you get to the larger packages. If you’re only charging $50 for an ad, when you hit 10 videos and you’re trying to drop 15% of the price, suddenly, it’s a little painful. This video option is perfect for the brands who want to see how you’re content meshes with their product, test the waters, or get some content with a low budget. There is always a big potential for them to come back for a bigger package, so use it as an audition.

3 UGC Ads (~$400)

The next package will be 3 UGC Ads, and you’ll bring the price down a little to incentivise brands to move up from the basic package. More content = more chance of success. Each of these 3 ads should be a totally different angle on the product, giving them a taste of what different kinds of content you can do.

The Tester Package (~$550)

Basically, you’ll create three unique ads, with different copy and footage. Just as you would for your 3 ad package, You’ll duplicate each of those videos and change just one thing: the hook. All of this together gives the brand 6 unique UGC ads to work with, but you really don’t have much more in terms of workload versus your easier package. Offering hook variations allows brands to AB test ads at a much lower price and gives them a higher chance of success. For the ‘tester’ package, you’ll charge your rate for package number 2 plus an additional $30-75 per hook variation.

Retainers (~$1500)

You’ll negotiate these prices, so on your portfolio simply put ‘Rates To Be Negotiated’ or include the buzz word from before a figure.

Brands might request 10 videos per month or 30, so these deals can be ludacris.

🚀 What Factors To Consider When Setting Your UGC Rates

When you’re setting your rates, it’s essential to consider how experienced you are in the UGC field? If you are an expert creator, you can most likely command more for a single UGC video than a brand new creator, as long as you can demonstrate why.

Overall, UGC pricing can vary greatly, so have a good think about what works for you when setting your rates. 

Collaboration between brands and UGC creators can be mutually beneficial when pricing is fair and reflective of the value provided by the content, so be flexible where possible.

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