My home isn't aesthetic for UGC

Do I Need An Aesthetic Home To Do UGC?

Lemme just debunk this one real quick: you do not need to have an aesthetic home to do UGC. When I speak to new creators, the way their home looks is often a barrier to getting started. And I do get it. 

When I started UGC I had a funky looking 1950s’ bathroom, and no way of upgrading it whilst renting. I didn’t want to look at this bathroom, let alone film skincare videos for my dream brands in it.

I’ll hold my hands up and say I never got over it — I moved, and then I filmed, but looking back, I only hindered myself in the long run. If I could get a do-over, this is what I’d do. 

How To Film UGC If You’re Home Isn’t Aesthetic

If you’re in the same position I was ie hating your skin color and lack of natural lighting in the background of your loo or pining for high ceilings and panelled walls so that you’re video gives off clean girl vibes, then here’s my advice. 

Here’s four actionable things to do if you’re home isn’t aesthetic enough for UGC.

Get Over Yourself

This is the harsh reality: an ugly background is just an excuse. 

You’re a UGC creator, not an influencer. UGC creators don’t need to be living in minimal New York lofts or David Dobrik level mansions. You represent the average joe, and the way you live may not be ‘aesthetically pleasing’ in your eyes, but it is relatable. As UGC creators, you should be as authentic as possible —- what’s more authentic than showing your home as it is?

Focus On Corners

Think about any UGC video you’ve filmed, or seen, if you’ve not yet made a start. They are more often than not tight shots, filmed in portrait. Let’s be real, you don’t need to have a nice looking room — you need to have a nice looking person-sized background in a room. And that can be easily manipulated.

Ideally, you’re looking for:

  1. A big window with natural light — or a small window, beggars can’t be choosers. If you can film directly in front of a window you’re onto a winner.
  1. A blank wall behind you — ideally you’ll have a blank wall near that window. This just prevents the consumers eye from being drawn. 
  1. A few aesthetic pieces — then, dress the background as you please. A big mirror opens up the space, some hanging plants or a shelf. Switch to portrait mode to pop your background out of focus and really it doesn’t matter all that much.

When you need to move to a different scene, switch up your makeshift background.

Photo Boards and Tiles

You can easily pick up photo backdrops from Amazon for product-only shots, for a sleek and more professional look. Honestly, 9 times out of 10 those aesthetic unboxing videos or close ups are done with backdrops…. not an actual marble worktop. 

Similarly, you can also pick up wallpaper samples or a handful of large tiles to give the illusion of flooring you’re proud of. Work smarter, not harder.

@kris.ugccreator Photography/ ugc backgrounds. | ugc example. ✨ ive been using these backgrounds for a few months now and i love them. I was originally going to buy a sample slab of marble from home depot like a lot of creators suggest but i wanted something less fragile and light weight. They are wasy to wipe off if they get wet or dirty! #ugceample #ugccreator #organiccontent #ugccontent #ugcbackdrops #ugcbackdropsugcexample ♬ original sound – Kristen | content creator

Don’t Film In Your Home

There’s an old saying, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.” In some cases, you might feel like even props, corners and photo boards can’t do your place justice. If you don’t feel good, the content isn’t going to be good, end of. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of options.

🚗 Film in your car No really, film in your car. I can’t tell you how many teeth whitening ads I’ve been served filmed from the driver’s seat. The lighting is great, and this content comes across as extremely authentic to the TikTok platform. Pitch it as a strategic choice.

🏡 Head for a local airBNB If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If you know you’ve got a big job coming up, consider forfeiting $200 of your fee to rent a more aesthetic looking place or get in touch with the owners and ask if they’d be interested in an exchange for some content in exchange for letting you use it for an afternoon. While you’re there, you’ll take some lifestyle shots they can use in their listing. You’re not asking for a stay, so there’s no cleaning fee on their end. It’s a win win.

If there’s anything you can take away from this post, it’s that the way your house looks isn’t a barrier to starting UGC. If you’re still telling yourself that, you need to get out of your own way. Just start, worry about your sofa later.

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