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Let’s Talk About Raw Footage

July 21, 20236 min read

raw footage for ugc creators

In the world of UGC, raw footage has emerged as a game-changer, both for brands and creators alike.


Raw footage captures the BTS of a creator’s work, from impromptu pauses to unscripted musings, and it offers brands a multitude of directions in which they can take their advertising. But it comes at a cost. 


In this article, we delve into raw footage, why brands are going mad for it, and how much you should be charging for those all-important clips.







What Is Raw Footage?

Raw footage is the uncut footage prior to any editing. 


We’re talking the clips where you um, ah, and look at the window for 40 seconds before getting on with your script. It’s the content directly from the camera, as is.


Raw Footage vs Unedited Footage

The definition of raw footage is changing. When I first became a UGC creator in 2018, the definition of raw footage was very different from what it is today. Raw footage previously was exactly as it sounds: raw. If a brand requested it, I would send all of my files, blank stares and umms included.


Now, many people are interpreting raw footage as the unedited version of your delivered video, without text or music. For me, this is an unedited video, not UGC. The reason why brands want raw footage is to create variations of a video — if you give them an edited video, they are limited in the variations they can create.



And it is valuable to brands.


Why Do Brands Want Raw Footage?

Brands want raw footage for one simple reason: it’s cost effective. 


With access to raw footage, brands can create their own ads and content, without having to hire a new creator every single time. For example, let’s say a brand asks you to create a 60-second ad. Then, you give them 5 minutes of raw footage. From that 5 minutes of raw footage they can likely cut and create at least 5-7 other styles of ads. This gives brands versatility, and the ability to A/B test.


It can also give them the flexibility to take part in trend videos that don’t require lip synching. Footage is power.

How To Charge For Raw Footage

Typically, creators charge between 50-100% of the base rate of content for access to the raw footage. For example, at a minimum, if a brand purchased one UGC video for $200, they would pay an additional $100 for the raw files.



Some creators will specify that this can be for organic usage only, they will still need to pay for your usual rate for paid usage rights to the content. We don’t recommend doing this, but it is a thing in the industry.


One of my favourite ways to offer raw footage is as an upsell to brands who are already paying for UGC ads. This looks like:

Infinite Ads Raw Footage Bundle

✅ Product in use (5 clips)

✅  Visual hooks (3 clips)

✅  Unboxing (1 clip)

✅  Negative emotion/problem (2 clips)

✅ Product focused (2 clips)

How To Send Your Raw Footage

You’ll send it in the exact same way as you’ll send your edited deliverables. Drop it in a Google drive (suitably named) and share the link. It can feel extremely exposing to put it out in the world without any editing. Those countless ums, script read errors and goofing about suddenly seem jarring when you know you need to share them with a brand.


Once you start to offer raw footage as an upsell, you’ll find that naturally you start to tone down what you do in between takes. Until then, give the editors a good laugh.

🚀 So, Should I Sell My Raws?

Raw footage has emerged as a valuable asset in the world of UGC content creation, offering brands and creators an unfiltered and genuine perspective into the creative process. 

As the definition of raw footage evolves, it presents new opportunities for brands to harness its cost-effective versatility and create an array of compelling ads and content variations. By offering raw footage as an upsell, UGC creators can elevate their revenue streams and empower brands to explore the vast potential of their content.

There’s nothing wrong with giving access to your raw footage, but before agreeing to it, you should make sure:

  • The contract specifies that content using your footage is passed to you by email first for approval.
  • You are not giving away perpetual, irrevocable usage rights to the brand.

With raw footage by your side, you have the potential to craft extraordinary content that leaves a lasting impact and sparks a wave of viral engagement.

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