TikTok Shop Violations for UGC creators

TikTok Shop Violations: 101

If you’ve received a TikTok shop violation, do not panic. So has almost everybody else.

According to a recent report, TikTok aims to grow its TikTok Shop US business tenfold to $17.5b in 2024. This means they are doing everything they can to keep TikTok shop happy, healthy and safe for potential customers. That means handing out violations left, right and centre.

Violations are essentially strikes, too many and you’re out. You can appeal your violations, but you need concrete proof and TikTok won’t always backtrack.

As a creator you can make thousands in affiliate commission with relatively little effort… but only if you can keep your account. Today, we’re running through everything we know will land you a violation (and what happens if you pick one up).

What do you get TikTok shop violations for?

This isn’t an exhaustive list — we’ll update as more no-no’s become apparent. These are the most common reasons for violations on TikTok shop.

🙅🏾 Cussing or profanity: TikTok want to enable creative expression, but when it comes to shop, they are stricter. No cussing and no profanity. In a similar instance, regulated or high-risk goods are a no-go, so this means no promotion of alcohol, tobacco or drugs. If we’re promoting a Stanley, don’t drink copious amounts of wine from it.

🙅🏾 Promoting dupe products: We’ve all seen the Matilda Djerf drama on TikTok. If you’re promoting a knock off product, you cannot make any reference whatsoever to the original. Do not use the word dupe. Do not write the word dupe. If I were you, I’d be staying away from dupes altogether. It’s not worth the risk.

🙅🏾 Not actually showing the product or it’s benefits: If you’re tagging a product on TikTok shop, TikTok want to see that it’s front and centre in the video OR you’re talking about the benefits of that product. If it’s in the background, and you’ve just referenced it briefly, it’s not enough.

🙅🏾 Children: TikTok has an age restriction (and it has it for a reason). Children can be seen in TikTok shop videos, but they can’t be the only person. If you have minors in your video, make sure they are not the sole focus. 

🙅🏾 Posting unoriginal content: TikTok defines this as copying, partially copying, modifying or tampering with others’ content. Now, ‘others’ also means your own videos. You cannot stitch another creators videos. You cannot stitch your own. You cannot re-upload something you’ve already posted. You can’t repurpose it. There are no ways around this, content needs to be 100% original.

🙅🏾 Sending traffic off app: Do not even say the word Amazon. Don’t do it. No link in bio, no go to my shop. You’ll pick up anywhere between two to three violation points for pointing them elsewhere. TikTok does not want to direct people away from their app, it’s the entire premise behind TikTok shop: purchase without ever closing the app. This also applies if you’re not explicitly telling customers to go elsewhere, a simple ‘I kept seeing this product on Amazon’ would be enough.

🙅🏾 Claiming weight loss: Similar to Meta’s advertising restrictions, TikTok does not play when it comes to promoting weight loss products. Don’t talk about weight loss, losing inches, dropping dress sizes. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s going to result in a strike. In fact, this doesn’t just apply to weight loss. Any inaccurate, incomplete, and false claims about a products’ characteristics can get you a few points.

You can find a full list on the Philippines TikTok shop help centre. This may differ slightly across territories, but I’d imagine they are all singing from a similar hymn sheet.  

It’s not human eyes reviewing shop content. Almost all will be done with AI and this means a lot falls through the cracks. Yes, you’ll no doubt have seen TikTok shop videos that have gone viral but use profanity whilst describing dupes after stitching another user’s content. We know users are actively receiving violations for the above, so just don’t risk it.

What happens when you get a TikTok shop violation?

When it comes to TikTok shop, thankfully, it’s not a three strike and you’re out kind of deal. It’s 24 strikes and you’re temporarily benched kind of deal. So, better.

If you get a TikTok shop violation, it’s not the end of the world. You’ll receive points that will remain on your account for 90 days. Get too many, and TikTok will suspend your account. As you rack of more points, you may receive any number of restrictions, these include but are not limited to:

  • Shadowbanned
  • Shop/eCommerce restrictions
  • No going live
  • Temporary account ban

You can appeal any violation through ‘Account Standing’ in your TikTok shop. Here you’ll be able to see if there are any active violations. You’ll be given the chance to explain why the violation is incorrect and upload evidence to show otherwise. Keep it concise and don’t dwell too much if your appeal isn’t accepted. 

How many TikTok violation points can I get?

Short answer, you can get up to 24 points in a 90 day period.

TikTok defines an account with 0-9 violation points as good. You’re in the clear.

9-11 violation points is low-risk and this is still a fine place to be.

Between 11 and 24 and you’re on shaky territory, they can limit your reach and engagement, but you’ll still be able to sell as an affiliate.

24 points in 90 days is a no-go. Rack these up, and you’ll face a temporary (or in some cases permanent) TikTok ban. TikTok shop is still new, so this may change, but for now, be conscious of your points if you start to reach that level.

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