Clip Review: Is it the Best UGC Platform in 2024?

With this Clip review, we have one goal: to determine whether Clip is the best UGC platform for brands and creators this year. We’ll discuss its pros and cons, how it works, and what (if anything) makes Clip different from its competitors. 

Make sure you stick around to the end – I happened to snag a surprise for you from the Clip team… And let’s just say they were feeling super generous when I reached out. 

Let the investigation begin!

What is Clip?

Clip is a UGC platform, which means they help connect brands with home studio creators. The result? Brands get high-quality UGC content, and creators get paid per video. Plus, they get free products and access to a large database of brands to work with for FREE. 

Clip isn’t an influencer platform, because UGC creators aren’t influencers. They don’t have a following of their own, and they don’t post the videos on their social media channels.

Clip initially started in the UK, but had so much success that it rapidly expanded to Australia and the United States. In each country, they have local, native creators.

Actually, they manually vet and approve each creator on their platform. They also hired an in-house team of professional UGC creators who give personalized feedback to their creators and the videos they did for brands.

Can you believe it?

How does Clip work?

As a brand, the process for you is very simple: You’ll start a campaign (which you can tailor as much as you need), and creators apply to work on it. You can check each applicant and see their portfolio, reviews, and other details before working with them, so you never feel like you’re in the dark.

Fun fact: On average, Clip’s creators apply to campaigns within 24 hours and deliver videos in 7 days. This is fast, especially in the UGC industry.

Then, once you’ve picked your favorite creators, you can start chatting with them, access their addresses, and ship them your product for them to review. 

Then… They make the content and upload it to Clip’s platform, and you retrieve it from there. 

Yep, it’s literally that easy.

Pros and cons of using Clip

So what’s it really like to use Clip? Here’s our perspective:


There are quite a few perks of working with Clip. Here are just a few:

  • As we mentioned before, they manually vet each creator that’s on their platform – to apply, creators must upload an intro video and three portfolio videos
  • Brands get fully licensed videos (for both organic and paid marketing channels), forever. In perpetuity. No strings attached.
  • Their platform is super easy to use–there’s almost no learning curve.
  • They have a large and diverse pool of creators, with hundreds from each country (AU, US, and UK). To see what we mean, check out these examples on their website.
  • Brands pay per video, and there aren’t any extra costs. This is pretty great, considering they’re still quite affordable compared with content studios and some of their other competitors– and they still manage to consistently produce high-quality UGC videos
  • It’s great for solo use or teams. If you need it, you can have multiple brands under the same account, and invite multiple team members to collaborate.


Of course, it’s not perfect. Here are some disadvantages of working with Clip:

  • As of right now, they only do UGC videos–brands can’t get photos from creators on their platform.
  • It’s not available outside of the UK, US, and Australia right now.
  • Once you send products to the home studio creators, they get to keep them for free–there’s no option for them to be returned. (However, if this is a deal-breaker for you, it’s worth messaging their team and seeing if they can help you figure out a workaround. You never know!)

How is Clip different from other platforms?

The main difference I uncovered in my research was this: 

At Clip, the usual relationship between UGC price and quality (in other words – “You get what you pay for”) is flipped on its head. Their UGC is best-in-class, but their prices are also super affordable.

This isn’t generally the case. I’ve noticed other UGC brands that offer quality UGC videos, but their prices are usually much higher. 

So from that perspective alone, Clip is super worth the price– especially when you consider that their videos come fully licensed and include a round of edits. (Obviously, they pay the creators themselves, so you don’t have to worry about that either).

They have a great comparison on their website between their platform and other UGC websites, be sure to check it out.

Conclusion – yes, Clip is the best

So IMO, Clip is the #1 UGC platform to use in 2024. They have a diverse pool of creators, and super high-quality, affordable UGC videos that are delivered fast. Plus, their platform is just dirt simple to use. It’s not every day that you find a platform that delivers all of that at once.

But, you don’t have to take our word for it– there are tons of reviews you can check out to find out how awesome they are for yourself. It’s also a good idea to check out their use cases and book a demo with their team if you’d like to learn more. 

Oh, and as a surprise for reading to the end, I reached out to their team to ask some questions, and they gave me a discount code for any brand that wants to try Clip! 

To redeem it, simply send them an email at [email protected] and they’ll give you a $50 credit on your first order on the platform. Let them know UGC Club sent you! 

Really, what else can you ask for? If you’re ready to buy UGC content and want to use the best (and most affordable) platform out there, you should book a demo with Clip today.

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