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How To Use The Tiny Mic Trend For Organic UGC

Tiny mic UGC

TikTok is constantly evolving, and some videos, audios, and challenges go viral overnight.

Some trends stick around for the long run, while others go viral and then disappear before you even have a chance to say LETS FILM.

When it comes to organic UGC, understanding trend based content and knowing which trends might perform well for your brands can be a sure fire way to increase your revenue.

Trends move so quickly that it’s virtually impossible to predict what will work, but while they’re in the spotlight, we can pick apart how they got there.

Today, we’re looking at the tiny mic.

The tiny mic trend is exactly what it sounds like: Creators talk into a teeny tiny microphone in their video content. It’s been around for years but doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon.

But why exactly has this trend gained popularity and stuck around?

Tiny Mic, Big Audience

The tiny mic can be utilized in any audio-centric video where a creator is addressing the audience and speaking to them on camera.

Creators who try out the trend are not tied to any specific type of content because the tiny mic trend is an accessory, rather than an audio, challenge or way of editing.

While this gives creators a lot of freedom in the type of content they can create, common tiny mic themes are pop culture commentary, storytimes or interview style content.

The tiny mic trend has been around for a few years, and while it is difficult to pinpoint where it initially started we first saw the tiny mic appear and be popularized by creators like @tinx and @carathevettech.

The tiny mic is used by a wide array of TikTokers, and it often isn’t even tagged when used due to it being more of an amusing accessory than a topic itself. Despite this, the hashtag is still widely used! On TikTok, #tinymic has 173.3 million views, #tinymicrophone has 40.3 million, and #tinymicinterview has 7.8 million.

Tiny mics don’t only add an extra layer of amusement to content, but they also have a practical function: they help creators capture enhanced audio, and some even have the ability to connect to apps that help creators edit the captured audio.

Audio that is good-quality creates a better viewing experience for users, giving it a higher chance of beating the algorithm.

@setactive Some recs from team SET😮‍💨 #setactive ♬ original sound – setactive

Tiny Mics For UGC Is Funny

The tiny mic’s rise to popularity and ability to stay there has a lot to do with the fact that the novelty of a tiny microphone fits in perfectly with TikTok’s playful content. Users flock to and stay on TikTok because it is entertaining. Tiny mics add an extra layer of entertainment and comedic value.

However, tiny mics go beyond an extra layer of entertainment.

We believe that people’s love for tiny mics goes even beyond signaling to audiences that effort and care were put into the content, and people love them for a very simple reason: Tiny objects make us happy!

According to the psychology of cuteness—yes, it sounds silly, but you read that right—tiny objects are irresistible to many people. Seeing tiny objects gives people a feeling of joy and comfort and releases dopamine in our brains.

Dopamine is one of the most important hormones that trigger happiness and a positive emotional response. Whenever we see tiny things, our brain releases dopamine and makes us feel happy.

Our brains are designed to love small, cute things, and we receive a shot of dopamine when we see them. Tiny objects also give us a sense of comfort, bring us back to childhood, and give the allusion of saying something more important than we probably are.

@adhrhi Mind were blown today people 🤯 #tinymicrophone #neurotypical #neurodivergent #adhrhi #sonichearing ♬ original sound – 배윤정428

Tiny Mics and Organic UGC

Do UGC and tiny mics go hand in hand? Absolutely. Remember, organic UGC looks to replicate natural, organic TikTok content. Tiny mic TikTok content performs well, and with the mics being a trendy accessory rather than a constructed trend, it’s easy to make it relevant to virtually any brand.

The tiny mic is straightforward and no mental gymnastics are involved in trying to figure out how you can fit the brand into the trend. Here are some ways brands can incorporate tiny mics into organic UGC:

Keep it simple. Start with a ‘PSA’, ‘life hack:’ or ‘I was today years old when I realised that’ and then go onto list a USP of the product, or a solution to a paint point. Address the target audience directly and let the comedic value of a miniature microphone do the talking. This is especially relevant for tech products — just get on that green screen train and you’re on to a winner.

Work with creators to conduct interviews. Use a tiny mic to interview people about a product, or a pain point. Again, this works best when you can bring in some comedy.

Incorporate a tiny mic into random niches. Think out of the box. Boring products that don’t normally get a laugh? Tiny mic. Showcase your product in a unique way while incorporating tiny mics to add more entertainment value.

Tiny mics do not appear to be going anywhere, and they have become a regular part of content creation for many creators. Looking at tiny mics’ track record of remaining relevant these past few years, it seems like a no-brainer for brands to tap into.

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