UGC Porfolio Gems Emma Garnett

UGC Portfolio Inspo: Emma Garnett

Emma’s portfolio is the perfect example of less is more. The UK based UGC creator is giving us all of the inspiration we need to revitalise our own UGC portfolio’s.

This Webflow UGC portfolio is actually free to host and puts the video content at the forefront. It stands out in a crowd of Canva UGC templates and makes life easy for brands and agencies. What more could you want?

Let’s take a look.

UGC Portfolio: Emma Garnett by The UGC Club


Take note new creators: there is no war and peace bio. Helping your brand shine by creating authentic & thumb-stopping UGC for both organic & paid ad TikToks. That’s it. She’s told brands what she’ll do for them (help them shine) and how she’ll do it (create authentic & thumb-stopping UGC for organic + paid TikToks).

UGC Examples

Emma doesn’t explain what UGC is or why brands should be using it. HALLELUJAH. She just lets her content do the talking — seven examples of UGC videos. More than just the video, she includes the brand name, and what kind of content they are looking at.

You could potentially go further and dial this down even more: reference the type UGC hook that was used, or include some stats about performance. The additional detail only adds more to the case that you are a top-of-the-range UGC creator.

Testimonials + Brands

Possibly my favourite part of Emma’s portfolio. Feedback.

Don’t just tell prospective brands what you can do, have other brands explain what you did for them.

Word of mouth is important, and if you can include testimonials from real brands, this can make a big difference when it comes to legitimacy. Emma actually only includes two agency reviews in her portfolio, but has these scrolling to make it look like more. Work smarter, not harder people.


Money time. Emma’s UGC rates are really simple. 1 video, 3 video, 5 videos.

Interestingly, Emma includes her rates in GBP, but doesn’t include where she is based in her profile. The currency makes it evident that she is a UK creator, which can sometimes limit opportunities. Be mindful of this when you’re creating your own profile. If you’re based in the US, you’re on to a winner as you have the lions share of the market. She does keep her retainer costs close to her chest, leaving ample room for negotiation.

What’s it built on and how much will it cost me?

Emma’s beautiful site is a Webflow UGC portfolio. Webflow is a platform with a drag-and-drop interface that allows you to customize the design without having to know how to code. It’s also responsive, meaning it’ll look good on all devices, including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Webflow’s built-in SEO tools also help optimize your portfolio for search engines, which can help potential clients find you more easily. Sounds great, but I know what you’re thinking. How much $$$ is that going to set me back?

How much will a Webflow UGC portfolio cost?

Despite the fact that it looks incredible, Emma’s site is actually free. Yes, free.

Hosted on, she isn’t on a paid plan. She does however have a beautiful template that has been created for her by her agency. You can pick a similar one up in the Webflow shop for $79. Or, if you’re a dab hand with design you can create it yourself. I, am not, a dab hand. So I had a Fiverr designer create one for me.

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