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StellarFi is a revolutionary platform designed to help individuals build and improve their credit scores by ensuring on-time bill payments. With a strong commitment to financial empowerment, StellarFi offers an accessible and user-friendly solution to elevate creditworthiness.

Through its streamlined interface, StellarFi enables users to effortlessly track their bills and automate payments. These payments are not only promptly settled but also reported to the major credit bureaus: TransUnion®, Experian®, and Equifax®.

By addressing the vital components that constitute 80% of credit scores, StellarFi plays a pivotal role in accelerating credit improvement. Sold.

✔ What They Are Looking For

〰️ User stories that speak to the pain points that come with low credit scores, or trying to improve your score. In this financial crisis, that’s just about everyone.

〰️Creators that can make credit improvement and timely bill payments a little sexier – if you’re a great storyteller who understand direct response marketing, you’re in.

〰️ Green screen, in car content.

✔ What They Are Not Looking For

〰️ StellarFi values accuracy and transparency. They do not need content that misrepresents the capabilities of their platform or its impact on credit scores.

〰️ Purely promotional content. We want it weaved into entertaining or informational ads.

💻 Current Creative: StellarFi’s current creative content focuses on educating users about the importance of timely bill payments in improving credit scores. The goal is to empower users to take control of their financial well-being… but it’s a little bleh. As UGC Creators you all know that there is 3 elements to master social advertising. Education, Entertainment & Engagement, This brand isn’t diving deep into any of these categories. Why don’t y’all show them how it’s done, respectfully of course!

👣 Contact: Hosanna Medina, Digital Marketing Manager Email[email protected]

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