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SheCodes is on a mission to empower women with coding skills, providing free coding classes tailored for women interested in entering or advancing their careers in the tech industry. Their online workshops offer a hands-on approach to learning popular coding languages, staying updated on tech trends, and exploring how coding can open up new career opportunities. SheCodes is looking to target women interested in coding, whether they’re complete beginners or have some prior experience. This platform is all about providing an inclusive and supportive environment for women.

Highly recommended by over 180,000 women, SheCodes aims to bridge the gender gap in tech professions. The classes, led by experienced instructor Matt Delac, cover popular coding languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React. They help participants stay updated on tech industry trends and discover how coding can enhance their careers. Reviews and recommendations from students reflect the success and positive impact of SheCodes. The organization’s mission is to address the gender imbalance in the tech job market, and it’s endorsed by employees from various organizations. SheCodes is open to beginners and doesn’t require previous coding experience or a laptop to join.

🗯️ The budget is $300 for 2 videos.

✔️ What They Are Looking For

〰 Content that targets women in the tech field looking to level up their coding skills, SheCodes could be the perfect resource to enhance your expertise and boost your career prospects.

〰 Ladies between 18-30 y/o, upbeat and positive energy with a personable & friendly tone.

〰 Must speak fluent English, it’s a plus if you have an aussie accent!

✖️What They Are Not Looking For

〰 Men: SheCodes’ primary focus is on empowering women with coding skills, so the platform is exclusive to women. Men interested in coding can explore a plethora of other resources available to them.

〰 Extremely techy content. They want to make coding simpler, NOT more confusing.

💌 Contact: Sofia Cetrulo, Marketing Specialist Email[email protected]

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