Waterdrop® is a brand that offers innovative ways to enhance your water-drinking experience. They produce small, dissolvable cubes or “microdrinks” that you can add to water to infuse it with various fruit and plant extracts,creating flavored water without added sugars or artificial ingredients.

The concept is simple: you drop one of these small cubes into your water, and as it dissolves, it imparts its natural flavors into the water, transforming it into a tasty and refreshing beverage. The brand promotes hydration and a healthy lifestyle by making drinking water more exciting and delicious.

These products are a UGC creators dream… just think of the visual hooks.

PS the cubes are packaged in eco-friendly packaging, and waterdrop® emphasizes sustainability and environmental responsibility in their practices.

What They Are Looking For

〰️ Strong hooks that will get the target market to stop scrolling: one USP is that it enables you to drink more water, so there’s a lot that can be done there. eg ‘Unlike normal mouthwashes, they actually kill the bacteria that makes your breath smell, rather than just getting rid of the smell’.

〰️ DITL style content/morning routines centering around health.

〰️ International creators, 18-35, male and female.

What They Aren’t Looking For

〰️ New UGC creators who create pretty content. They are well versed in direct response ads and need expert content that can convert.

👣 Point Of Contact: Cosima Ferrari, Team Lead Paid Social

💻 Current Creative: Waterdrop are BIG on testing: in the last month they’ve launched 55 different ads worldwide: you can see these here. This offers big opportunity to pitch your skills as a creator as they clearly value UGC, but you need to spend some time working out what you can bring to the table that they don’t already have.

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