Quip is a brand known for its streamlined approach to oral care. The brand emphasizes simplicity, combining stylish design with user-friendly features like timed brushing and automatic brush head delivery.


Think of it as your go-to destination for better oral care made simple. With a wide range of electric brushes, refillable floss, and toothpaste, they offer everything you need to maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine.


Their sleek electric and smart toothbrushes, carefully crafted by dentists and designers, are equipped with sonic vibrating bristles and a 2-minute timer to ensure a thorough clean every time. Plus, with up to 3 months of battery life per charge or replaceable battery options, you can brush confidently both at home and on the go.


From floss picks and water flossers to mouthwash and gum, they provide dentist-approved solutions for a complete clean. Their cool mint mouthwash and sugar-free gum are not only refreshing but also promote oral health.

✅ What Are They Looking For? US based creators that can create content that highlight’s their USPs. Although they’ve not explicitly said so, I’d be touting pitching for their subscription service, you can have your refills delivered right to your door every 3 months, ensuring that you never run out of essential items. You can easily customize your subscription, edit or cancel anytime, and enjoy a lifetime warranty when you’re on a refill plan.

✅ Creator Location : US creators.

✅ Payment: Yes.

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