Why you should be offering UGC script reads as a creator.

UGC Script Reads 101

Why you should be offering UGC script reads as a creator.

In the ever-evolving landscape of content creation, UGC (User-Generated Content) creators are at the forefront of engaging audiences with authentic and relatable content. 


While traditional UGC formats have proven their worth, the new player at the table is script reads. If Kelly’s TikTok “UGC script reads = $1,000 in 10 minutes” is anything to go by, script reads are not something you should be sleeping on.


But what are script reads? How do you get started? And more importantly, how much can you charge for a script read.



WTF Is A Script Read?

A script read is, by definition, what it sounds like. A client provides a pre-written script for you to read either on-camera or as a voice-over. For most clients, you’ll record a direct to camera video running through their provided copy. 


For some, you’ll act only as a voice actor and provide only the audio file — there are clients out there who are specifically looking for this content and it makes sense. UGC mashup videos are performing extremely well as paid ads, and a dedicated voice over for these can work wonders.


This is what an example script read looks like:

Why Offer Script Reads?

Script reads offer an array of advantages for both UGC creators and brands alike. For brands, it opens up possibilities to craft organic-sounding audio that resonates with their audience, all while being a cost-effective alternative to hiring traditional voice actors. For UGC creators, script reads present a straightforward and less labor-intensive filming process, enabling them to deliver multiple takes efficiently.

Benefits For Brands

✅ More Organic Audio

Arbel, aka Freelancebigsis is a professional voice actor and makes a lot of her income through Fiverr. The requests that have been landing in her inbox frequently is to not have the audio sound as professional, but rather, to have it sound more like UGC. Brands are looking for voice overs that sound like they could be from real customers — UGC creators are a great way to do this.


✅ Cheaper

Where brands might normally pay $500 for a professional voice actor to record their script, they can get a UGC creator for a fraction of the price. If lower quality content is performing better for brands, it’s a no-brainer for brands to go with UGC creators. They also have the opportunity to test different variations instead of paying for full UGC concepts without testing first.


✅ Quicker Turnaround

With a script read there is no need to wait for products to be sent, 7 day filming schedules and 14 day turnaround times. Many script reads can be delivered within 24 hours, so it’s a really efficient way for brands to create new ads.

Benefits For UGC Creators

Quick And Easy To Film

If you’ve got a 30 second script, you’re not spending more than 10 minutes on that task. You can rack up multiple reads in the space of an hour, without having to move from your chair.


✅ Less Work

Put bluntly, it’s less work. If you don’t need to write the script, run through a shot list, deal with post production and editing, there’s no denying it, your life is easier. Script reads may not pay as lucratively on a per project basis compared to UGC retainers, but when you break it down to an hourly rate, there’s no comparison.


✅ You Don’t Need An Aesthetic Background

We’ve all been there. Great product, great fee, but it’s a skincare product looking for shots of their product in use, and your bathroom has no windows and a single broken mirror. An aesthetic background isn’t always possible, and with a script read, it’s not a limiting factor.

How To Start Doing Script Reads

If you’re an experienced UGC creator, the process really won’t be much different to filming a ‘normal’ UGC video.

Script Prep: The first thing to do when assigned a script read is read over it to see if there’s anything in the lines of copy that wouldn’t sound natural to say on camera. If phrases feel or sound forced, adjust the phrasing to something that still reflects the original line but sounds natural for me to say. 

App Prep: After this, email the script to yourself and copy/paste the lines into a teleprompter app on your phone. I use BigVu; but other creators use CapCut. There are plenty to choose from in the app store, go with any that float your boat. Do a practice round where you read through the lines, similar to reading a book, so you can absorb what you’re about to say.

Film: After doing the practice round, film roughly 5-8 takes with varying energy levels of the script. You should have at least 3-4 versions, I’d recommend you share all of those versions with the client. 3-4 takes ensures that the client will be happy with at least ONE and it helps guarantee quality control. Many creators may argue, “4 deliveries = 4 ads. You should charge more.” If you only provide one take, the client could be disappointed in delivery, trash the concept entirely, making them hesitant to rehire you for future projects. Filming multiple takes and providing the best 3-4 options enhances the likelihood of them LOVING at least one of the deliveries.

Deliver: Upload the footage to Google Drive directly from your phone and share the folder with my point of contact. There is no video editing involved. As a note, this process will take 10 to 30 minutes to start and finish.

How To Start Doing Script Reads

There is no magic URL that will hook you up with 3/4-figure UGC script-reading opportunities. 


Generally, the UGC script you’ll be filming will either be voice-overs for ads, or videos for landing pages and the post-purchase funnel. Like all services, you’ll want to include these in your UGC portfolio under your services section, titled something along the lines of: “script reads for landing pages or ads”. 


Additionally, for your pre-existing clients, let them know that you now offer this as a service if/when it applies to the topic of conversation. Say, for example, you’re having a call with a client where they reference they’re A/B testing landing pages; you could let them know that you offer script reads for landing pages.

How Much To Charge For Script Reads

The easiest way to price script reads is to have them sit at the same level as your single UGC concept video. It’s the same value to a brand, and gives a starting point for brands to negotiate from. 


Why do brands pay “so much” for script reads? For one, these landing page script reads need to be more on-brand and reflect a premium look and feel that’s congruent to the product and company. Now traditionally, actors would be the only route to go. But now, thanks to UGC and the nuances on social platforms like TikTok, it makes more sense to hire a UGC creator that can deliver a script read on-camera as a persona associated with the brand. ESPECIALLY if it’s a script read for the landing page that the same UGC creator did an ad for.


Script reads for UGC may sound too good to be true, but if the brand tries to work with actors or models that agents, managers, or unions represent, it not only gets time-consuming but EXPENSIVE! And since these script reads are used for A/B testing landing pages, ads, and other marketing initiatives, the average DTC brand (aka direct-to-consumer brand) does not have the budget to afford traditional talent. 


By hiring a UGC creator specializing in script reads, they get the delivery they’re looking for and the production value they’re looking for; at a fraction of the price.


🚀 Unlock Extra Money Making Potential

Script reads are a no-brainer for everyone involved. 


For brands, they open up possibilities to craft organic-sounding audio that resonates with their audience, all while being a cost-effective alternative to hiring traditional voice actors. The charm of UGC creators lies in their ability to sound like real customers, making them an ideal choice for brands seeking authentic content. Additionally, brands can test different variations of script reads without committing to full UGC concepts, enhancing their ad optimization strategies.


For you as a creator, script reads present a straightforward and less labor-intensive filming process, enabling them to deliver multiple takes efficiently. With no need for elaborate setups or post-production editing, script reads offer a time-saving option.


They are lucrative, and opportunities are in abundance once you get going. Happy script reading.

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