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5 Ride or Die UGC Rules from a 6 Figure UGC Creator

May 30, 20237 min read

Creatively Madi UGC

Are you tired of creating content for your brand that never seems to gain traction?

Do you want to learn from the best in the business?

Look no further than Creatively Madi, a 6 figure UGC content creator who has mastered the art of creating high-quality, engaging content. Madi Coleman is a UGC creator from North Georgia who creates content for brands with her husband. Together, they have helped hundreds of clients scale their brand with high quality content that converts, both commercially and organically.

The best part, Madi has made a sh*t tonne of money doing it. We’re talking $$$$ every month, and she often shares insights that can help you do the same.

In this post, we share Madi’s 5 ride or die UGC rules that have helped her grow her brand (and her bank account). Follow her rules and watch your content soar to new heights.

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1. Do not let your mind limit you

What I mean by this is that when you see other people in the UGC community being successful and making thousands of dollars per month, they are probably not lying. That amount of money per month as a UGC creator is totally normal and do-able, so don’t ever think you can’t do it.

Madi broke down her earnings from April in a TikTok video, and it’s hard not to believe her when she says you can make a killing in the industry if you’re doing it right.

  1. Client 1, $1200: This client was an organic video retainer. I create videos for their TikTok page on a consistent basis. Now with this partnership I’m also earning a commission based on how many of their products I could sell through my link on the page.
  2. Client 2, $2500: This client was almost the same situation, minus the commission structure. Since I’m not earning any commission, the package price for these retainers tends to be higher.
  3. Client 3, $650: This client paid for a small package of ads.
  4. Client 4, $750: This client also needed a similar ad package but wanted the raw files, so paid a premium.
  5. Client 5, $400: This client was a previous client that came back, and wanted a single video for Mother’s Day. It was really close to Mother’s Day, so I charged a rush fee.
  6. Client 6, $250: Again, a repeat who came back after seeing how some ads performed, he wanted to use the data from the ads to try some new things to see if they work better. Different angles and hooks, so I offered him a reiteration of the ad that I had already created.
  7. Client 7, $330: My final client was again a repeat client, she already had a ton of footage from UGC creators for her brand, so she pays me to edit that existing footage into new ad creatives.

A grand total of $7400 for a single month.

Believe in the big bucks ladies and gents! If there’s one thing to take from Madi’s income last month, it’s that you can really increase your earnings with ‘add ons’ – retainers, commission, rush fees, raw footage and reiterations can really pad your income.

2. Don’t charge less than $150 per ad

If you don’t feel right charging less than $150 per ad, just take a step back and work on your skill set to then justify that price.

This is something we see time and time again, and we couldn’t agree more. The argument stands that new UGC creators need to start somewhere, and you can’t charge the big bucks for deliverables that don’t match up. But what if you just didn’t charge until you could offer something worth paying for? $150 isn’t all that much in the grand scheme of things, if, and it’s a big if, you provide value driven content.

Instead of perfecting your UGC portfolio or spending your time pitching to clients for $80 gigs, work on really getting to grips with direct response marketing and understanding how to nail content for a client. It’ll pay off in dividends.

3. Personal brand over pitching

Personal brand over pitching, any day. So many people are so concerned about pitching and it just irks me, because pitching one of many methods you can use to get work as a UGC creator. And personal branding is the best one (by the way). Personal branding is basically when you create a network around yourself that is so sustainable that work consistently comes to you, instead of you ever having to go look for it.

4. Don’t share UGC tips for other creators on your TikTok if you’re trying to attract brands

Do not share UGC tips for other creators on your TikTok if you’re trying to attract brands. If you’re trying to attract brands with your TikTok and you’re posting videos like tips on getting your first brand deal or how to start UGC, you are not attracting brands, you’re attracting other creators. Try to focus on posting your work more than anything else. Because if the right person sees your work, they are going to want to work with you.

5. Even if you don’t have brand deals, make videos

Even if you don’t brand deals, just makes videos to post stuff. Like I said, the more you post your work, the more chance you’re going to put yourself in front of the right person at the right time. So just grab predicts around your house and start creating content, anything to showcase your skillset.

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