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Ultimate List of UGC Agencies for UK Creators

June 27, 202312 min read

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Navigating the UGC industry solo ain’t easy. The industry is teeming with opportunities, but distinguishing the good from the bad can be a time drain. Distinguishing the good from the bad as a UK based creator is even worse.


While the UGC industry has started to gather steam across the pond, brands in the UK are a good 18 months behind. That means brands are paying less, and expecting more. This means more work for you to weed out the bad seeds.


What if there was someone that could do the hard part?


Enter, UGC agencies for UK creators. 


In our ultimate guide to UK UGC agencies, we’re revealing the top players in the game. From established industry players to emerging small teams, we’ll explore the top agencies to help you secure UGC jobs. Get ready to unlock your potential and expedite your journey towards earning substantial ££££.


    • MOTION
    • PUSH

What Is A UGC Agency?

A UGC agency is a team that connects UGC creators with brands seeking user-generated content. These agencies act as intermediaries, facilitating collaborations and providing services to both creators and clients alike.


Agencies work closely with clients to identify their specific content needs, goals, and target audience. They might assist in developing creative briefs, managing project timelines, and ensuring the delivery of high-quality UGC content that aligns with the client’s brand identity. 


The agency will then handle various aspects of project management, including contract negotiations, content approvals, and payment processing. They streamline the collaboration process, ensuring smooth communication and efficient project execution between creators and clients.


For their trouble, they’ll take a cut.

Why Work With UGC Agencies?

Sure, agencies have connections with a wide range of clients, including brands, businesses, and media companies. By partnering with an agency, you gain access to their network, increasing your chances of landing high-profile UGC projects.


But that’s not the only reason to work with UGC agencies. There are a number of often overlooked benefits. These include:

✅ Expertise and guidance: UGC agencies possess in-depth knowledge and experience in the UGC space. They understand client expectations, market trends, and best practices for creating impactful UGC. Working with an agency allows you to tap into their expertise, benefiting from their guidance, feedback, and strategic direction. Additionally, agencies often have a dedicated support team to address any queries or concerns you may have throughout your projects.

✅ Enhanced credibility: Being associated with a reputable UGC agency can significantly boost your credibility and reputation as a creator. Clients often trust agencies to vet and recommend talented UGC creators, so being part of their roster lends an added layer of trust and professionalism to your profile. This can make a difference when competing for high-value UGC projects.

✅ Streamlined project management: UGC agencies handle various aspects of project management, including client communication, contract negotiations, and invoicing. By working with an agency, you can focus more on your creative work, knowing that administrative tasks are being handled efficiently. This streamlines the process and allows you to concentrate on delivering top-notch UGC content.


These are great benefits, but only come with reputable agencies that really understand the UGC industry. Research and choose reputable agencies that align with your creative goals and values.


It’s easy to read ‘take a cut’ and go hell no. Who wants to give their hard earned money to someone else? But, if you’re working with a reputable agency, it should balance out. The ~15% cut should be well worth it thanks to the work they bring and the time they save you.

Top UGC Agencies for UK Creators

Aray Social

Aray Social is a UGC (User-Generated Content) agency that specialises in creating authentic and highly engaging content for brands across various industries, including wellness, beauty, lifestyle, and eCommerce. Their goal is to provide brands with all the native content they need for their complete digital ecosystem.


Aray Social works with a hand-selected diverse range of creators who produce user-generated content, such as social proof selfies, engaging reels for platforms like Instagram and TikTok, and product reviews for paid ads. 


Content Cloud

Content Cloud is an influencer agency that collaborates with a diverse and talented network of creators to produce compelling and authentic content for brands. They’ve recently made the shift to UGC, understanding the power of leveraging real people and their stories to connect with audiences in meaningful ways.


With The Content Cloud, brands have access to a curated “Cloud of Creators” who are skilled in generating user-generated content across various platforms. These creators bring their unique perspectives, creativity, and expertise to the table, enabling brands to tap into a rich pool of content that resonates with their target audience.


Consciously Creative Agency

Consciously Creative Agency is a leading TikTok marketing agency dedicated to helping brands effectively scale their TikTok and paid social campaigns. With a focus on creating UGC, they provide innovative and engaging ad creatives without the hefty price tag of influencers. 


Their process is designed for performance, catering to the algorithms of platforms like TikTok and optimising content for organic reach and paid social ads. You’ll be given a fully scripted brief, and will often have a seven day turn around. They do offer their brands unlimited usage rights, so rates can be higher than other agencies on this list.



Motion Agency is a dynamic and forward-thinking marketing powerhouse, obsessed with maximising return on investment for our clients. They specialize in helping DTC brands lower their customer acquisition costs through highly effective direct-response ads on TikTok. With proven strategies, we empower brands to reach their target audiences and drive tangible results.


What sets Motion Agency apart is the expansive network of vetted creators. This means they offer a wealth of opportunities to showcase your creativity and collaborate with renowned brands. As part of our creator network, you’ll have the chance to contribute to engaging campaigns, deliver powerful storytelling, and make a lasting impact on the digital landscape. Brands include Steven Bartlett, Snuggy, CRAFTD, Astalia and 47 Skin.


Noise Media

Noise Media is an award-winning social media agency based in London that has gained global recognition for its exceptional work and impressive results. They collaborate with some of the world’s biggest brands, providing them with innovative strategies and impactful campaigns to achieve tangible success.


Their client roster includes industry giants such as Just Eat, Apple, and Sky, as well as exciting emerging companies like Brothers Cider, Nanit, and SwisseMe. Through tailored strategies and meticulous execution, they have successfully crafted compelling social media campaigns that have elevated these brands to new heights, so it’s a no brainer to apply.



Nonsensical is a UK TikTok marketing agency that specializes in helping brands achieve impact and success on the TikTok platform. They offer a range of TikTok services, including TikTok Ads, training, and content creation. Nonsensical takes pride in their understanding of what it takes to stand out on TikTok and offers several advantages to their clients. 


They have a roster of talented and diverse creators who can produce engaging content for brand channels. With over 600 million views in the last 12 months, Nonsensical has demonstrated their ability to deliver proven results. They also provide insights through regular reports and webinars, highlighting successful strategies on TikTok, so even if you don’t apply to join, they are a great agency to have on your Linkedin feed.


Public Nectar

Public Nectar is a performance marketing agency based in Bournemouth, UK. They specialise in helping businesses increase their sales and profitability through various online marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram.They offer services to break through the eCommerce barrier and provide strategies to grow businesses, which is where UGC comes in.


Public Nectar works with clients from all around the world, both small and large, and has a track record of building successful campaigns. They focus on analyzing sales funnels, testing different combinations of offers, creatives, and customer personas, and setting up fully-automated funnels and campaigns. 



Push is an award-winning performance marketing agency that specializes in TikTok marketing. They offer services to help businesses grow their online presence and achieve results through TikTok advertising. 


They have expertise in the TikTok platform, spending time analyzing what works and creating proven formulas for their customers. They also emphasize their strong partnership with TikTok, providing access to the latest BETAs, incentives, and high-level support. 


Push has in-house content creators who focus on creating entertaining TikToks rather than traditional ads. They cater to diverse industries, including both eCommerce and lead generation, and prioritize tech and automation in their approach.


Social Mode

Social Mode is a social media marketing agency based in London and Dubai. They offer comprehensive social media services to businesses, aiming to provide access to new audiences both online and offline. The agency specializes in social media strategy, content creation, brand design, and website development. 


They adopt an audience-first approach to help businesses build and scale their online presence. Social Mode has worked with various brands such as Skyn, Batiste, Bianco and Argos.

Kirk Axley

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