How To Get Started on TikTok Shop as an affiliate


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Is UGC Easy?
Are you a UGC creator who’s keen to hop on the TikTok shop train?🚂
If you’re:
💭 not sure where to actually start
💭 stuck because you don’t have enough followers to sign up
💭 feeling like you’re too late to the TikTok shop game

Our free 23-page guide is for you.The good news? We’ve made as easy as 1, 2, 3. Download our TikTok Shop Guide now to learn how to make your millions (or thousands at least) on the platform.

In this guide we'll cover:


What is TikTok Shop? (and WHY do it in 2024)


How to sign up to TikTok shop as an affiliate if you don’t have 5000 followers


How to find winning products to promote


How to communicate with brands on the platform


Sure fire ways to get yourself a violation on TikTok shop

How to start tiktok shop as an affiliate

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