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Three Ships

November 15, 20232 min read

Three Ships, a prominent South African skincare brand, has carved a niche for itself in the beauty industry through its unwavering commitment to clean, natural, and cruelty-free skincare products.

At its heart, the brand is dedicated to harnessing the potent capabilities of plant-based ingredients, extending a wide array of skincare solutions that address various skin concerns. This ensures that individuals have access to effective and natural alternatives for their beauty routines. What sets Three Ships apart is its resolute commitment to clean beauty and transparency. The brand ardently avoids harmful chemicals, ensuring that their products are not only effective but also safe and trustworthy.

Moreover, Three Ships proudly champions affordability without compromising on quality, making high-quality skincare an accessible reality for diverse consumers.

✔ What They Are Looking For

〰️ Content that can showcase their hero products ahead of the holiday season, perfect gift for A, B and Z consumers.

〰️ Aesthetic style content: whilst they are looking for a thumb stop, they don’t push the boat out too far and like content that looks pleasing to the eye.

〰️ Creative that can drive home the fact that the products are dermatologist-tested – they’ve perfected the SCIENCE.

✔ What They Are Not Looking For

〰️ Three Ships places a premium on authenticity and transparency. They do not endorse content that provides misleading or false information about their products or practices.

〰️ Creative that directly bashes competitors, we’re not about the lawsuit life here.

💻 Current Creative: The latest UGC creative that Three Ships is using features green screen overlays and an AI voiceover pointing users towards the skin quiz. I don’t know about you, but I feel like we could do this sooooo much better. Where’s my ‘I’ve just found out I’ve been doing my skincare completely wrong‘ hooks.

👣 Contact: Hemani Kamdar, Director of Marketing Email[email protected]

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