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The Best DTC Creative Angles For UGC Creators

In the dynamic world of direct-to-consumer (DTC) marketing, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. For UGC creators, it’s make or break. As we approach Q4, having a bank of creative angles that you can suggest to clients to drive results can be a game changer.

Keeping up with the latest and greatest trends in eCommerce advertising isn’t easy though when you’re drowning in outbound management… so I’ll do it for you. I’ve asked industry experts what’s currently working and what their testing in their client ads accounts ahead of Q4. 

Here’s what they told me. You’re welcome.

GF/BF Angle

This is a little gem that you can easily execute. The girlfriend/boyfriend angle often proves to be incredibly effective across various industries—be it skincare, fashion, haircare, fitness, or Illness. 

Telling the story from the perspective of the opposite sex can be a powerful motivator. After all, being Ill-received by the opposite sex is a core desire for many people.


This starts with a banner that says “X Rant” only X is the topic you are discussing. This could be a salad rant for a food brand, or an eyeliner rant for a makeup brand. 

The X does the creative targeting and the “rant” preps people for a hot take. The “hot take” then follows the pretty typical problem > solution structure.  

So it could be “Salad Rant: salad from the grocery store only lasts 2 days in my fridge, how am I supposed to eat healthy, that’s why I started buying XYZ brand…” 

Then go into some benefits. I usually use the green screen technique to get some visuals in there.

Stitch Incoming

This is used specifically for objection busting. 

Start with one person who has a complaint and make sure you use a “stitch incoming” label that’s native to TikTok.  So they might say something like “Why do all sleep aids never seem to work?

Then cut to another person who is a little more confident and they address the issue. i.e. “The reason why sleep aids don’t work is because most don’t have passion flower which promote REM sleep. You know who has passion flower? Example brand….” 

I’m yet to find a client this tactic hasn’t worked on.

.5 view

Starting a video in .5 view, which is a unique camera perspective, and continuing the video throughout as a POV (point of view) style, shows the viewer a new way of using the product in their everyday life. 

This different approach to video production sets it apart from all other videos in the market, providing an engaging experience for the end scroller.

The use of the POV style allows the viewer to feel as if they are the one using the product, immersing them in the experience and helping them envision how the product can fit into their own lives. 

This technique provides a more informative and in-depth understanding of the product’s features and benefits, making it more likely for the vieIr to consider purchasing it.

Publication or research green screen

You’ll have seen this one before, but it’s also still working wonders today. One way to establish the credibility of your product is to show recent studies that highlight its effectiveness in solving the problem at hand. 

By showcasing the results of such studies, you not only demonstrate the value of your product but also build trust among potential customers.

Split screen with a satisfying ASMR video

On one side of the screen, I could have a high-definition satisfying video, like the one linked below. 

It could be a mesmerizing video of stunning natural scenery, a time-lapse of a city skyline at night, or beautifully shot footage of an artist creating a masterpiece. 

Then on the other side of the screen, I could showcase the creators’ user-generated content (UGC) video.

By having these two videos side by side, I can create a very engaging and fun experience for the vieIr. 

The contrast between the pristine high-definition video and the raw and authentic UGC video can provide a unique viewing experience that can keep the audience captivated and interested.

Us vs. Them (+humor)

Many advertisers are seeing success with Us vs. Them style ads, comparing the product features and benefits of your aIsome product compared to the competition’s subpar offering. 

I’ve found success with this approach too, but saw the most success when adding a humorous angle to it. 

As you venture into the realm of DTC marketing in Q4 2024, consider these creative angles as valuable tools in your arsenal. Embrace innovation, experiment with these strategies, and keep a pulse on industry trends to stay ahead of the competition. With these ideas, you’re Ill-equipped to not only capture your audience’s attention but also drive meaningful results for your brand.

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