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Maximizing UGC Deal Value: Unlocking Earning Potential

how to maximize UGC deals

Securing UGC deals with brands you genuinely love is no small feat. 


Once you’ve landed that coveted deal, it’s essential to make the most of the opportunity and maximize your earning potential. Why have 5 deals netting $5000 when you can have two with a few tweaks?

Today, we’re exploring effective strategies to increase the value of your UGC packages without feeling salesy or causing unnecessary hassle during negotiations. Get ready to unlock hidden earning potential with these simple tricks.



What To Upsell As A UGC Creator

When you initially secure a deal with a brand, they often start with modest requests, such as 2 videos for $500. However, there’s ways to effortlessly double the value of this deal, ensuring both parties benefit. Let’s dive in and learn how to make it work for you.

Additional Hooks and CTA’s

As a creator, upselling additional hooks and calls-to-action (CTA’s) is a powerful strategy to maximize the value of your deals. You need to lead the conversation, and demonstrate why the extra hooks might be important.


🪝Diversify Content Hooks: As an experienced content creator, you can offer additional content hooks that align with their target audience and campaign objectives. Upsell different creative concepts, storytelling angles, or product usage scenarios to showcase the product’s versatility and appeal to a broader audience.


🆘 Strategic CTA’s: Upselling strategic calls-to-action can significantly impact the success of the brand’s marketing efforts if the content is to be used in ads. Beyond the primary CTA provided in the original deal, suggest supplementary CTAs that encourage viewers to take specific different actions. These well-placed CTAs can drive more engagement, conversions, and ultimately, greater ROI for the brand.


🧱Bundle Offers: Creating bundle offers is an effective upselling technique. Present the brand with a comprehensive package that includes the original deliverables along with additional hooks and CTAs. This not only adds value but also showcases your commitment to delivering a well-rounded campaign that can be A/B tested.


📈 Highlight ROI Potential: Emphasize the potential return on investment (ROI) the brand can expect by incorporating extra hooks and CTAs. Showcase case studies or examples of how similar strategies have yielded increased brand awareness, customer engagement, and sales for other clients. Demonstrating the tangible benefits of upselling can convince brands to invest more in their UGC campaign.

Organic Content

Trends on social media have the power to go viral within hours, making trend-led creations a powerful tool in a UGC creator’s arsenal. These trends can be anything from viral challenges and dance routines to hashtag campaigns and user-generated memes. Riding the wave of a trend not only keeps your content relevant and engaging but also increases the likelihood of reaching a broader audience.


As a UGC creator, staying up-to-date with the latest trends is essential to creating content that resonates with your target audience. Embracing popular trends and offering them as organic content for relevant brands is a great way to make extra money.

Raw Footage

No surprise here, UGC raw footage is a gold mine for both brands and creators alike. With raw footage, brands can create 5-10 variations of the same ad and test each to see the effectiveness. If they were to have to pay for each of these variations from the creator, it would quickly add up. For you, you can charge an extra 50-100% of the base rate, without any additional work.

Script Reads

A UGC script read is, by definition, what it sounds like. A client provides a pre-written script for you to read either on-camera or as a voice-over. For most clients, you’ll record a direct to camera video running through their provided copy. 


For some, you’ll act only as a voice actor and provide only the audio file — there are clients out there who are specifically looking for this content and it makes sense. UGC mashup videos are performing extremely well as paid ads, and a dedicated voice over for these can work wonders. Generally, the UGC script you’ll be filming will either be voice-overs for ads, or videos for landing pages and the post-purchase funnel. This makes it a perfect upsell if you’re the face in the ad.

How To Upsell As A UGC Creator

Every creator will approach this differently. Of course, you can upsell pre-contract. When a potential client is inquiring, you can take the opportunity to explain why extra hooks, or script reads might be useful. Depending on the brand, it might just be a straight up no, and that’s fine. Especially if you’ve never worked with a particular client before, adding on additional deliverables before they’ve ever even received the first batch might be a no-go. 


If this is the case, all is not lost. Here’s how I like to approach the upsell process:


Step 1: Film Extra Content

While filming for a brand, go beyond their specific requirements and capture additional content. Save the extra footage, including the raw footage, for later use. For instance, if they request 2 videos, consider filming 3 or 4 to create an inventory of supplementary material.


Step 2: Watermark the Content

Once you’ve edited the videos the brand requested, add a watermark to the extra videos. This simple step ensures that the brand cannot use them without your permission. Most video editors, like CapCut, allow you to easily add overlay or semi-transparent text. Include a phrase like “not for commercial use” or “draft” to protect your work.


Step 3: Offer to Sell the Extra Content

When delivering the required videos to the brand, take the opportunity to inform them about the additional footage you captured. In your email, express your enthusiasm for working with their product and mention that you decided to film a few extras. Offer to sell them the extra videos, complete with the watermark, for an additional cost. Don’t forget to mention that the raw footage is also available for their consideration.


🚀 Maximize Your Revenue

You might just be pleasantly surprised by how many brands are open to purchasing the extra content. By taking our approach, you demonstrate genuine excitement about collaborating with the brand and a willingness to go above and beyond, and you also get to show them what they’re paying for, rather than just telling them. 


Often, brands will even come back and request additional content on top of the extras you provided. This mutually beneficial arrangement helps you maximize the value of each UGC gig while forging stronger relationships with the brands you love.

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