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Loops Beauty is a destination for high-tech skincare, offering an innovative range of hydrogel sheet masks. It looks really trend and down the kids it’s how I’d describe it – I mean, they have Emily Ratijkowski promoting it for gods sake – but it also seems to work. With dermatologist-approved formulas, their masks are tailored to specific skin needs, focusing on both effectiveness and cleanliness.

✔️ What They Are Looking For

〰 Content that can authentically showcase Merit in GRWM/make-up routine style videos. Spirited marketing is a key part of their brand identity. If you can infuse fun and playfulness into your content, you might be a good fit.

 〰 Content that has an aesthetic look to it whilst still maintaining direct response marketing principles. There’s a lot of B-roll footage in current creative, so this would be a really nice upsell.

 〰 Can you help with representation and allow them to reach a new audience?

✖️What They Are Not Looking For

〰 Purely functional problem/response style content. Unlike most of our UGC job listings, Loops really emphasise personality. 

〰 Purely promotional content. We want it weaved into entertaining or informational ads.

💌 Contact: Nika Blake, Brand & Marketing

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