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Le Puzz is a celebration of jigsaw puzzles, with a particular affection for vintage puzzles hailing from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Think quirky humor, unique imagery, and unconventional shapes that characterize these puzzles, all while fostering a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. They take pride in the “random-cut” pieces of their puzzles, ensuring each piece has a unique shape, adding to the challenge and enjoyment.

The brand is also committed to sustainability, limiting plastic usage, employing FSC-approved paper from sustainable forests, and providing reusable resealable bags. As if that wasn’t enough, Le Puzz donates $1 to the Boys & Girls Club of America for every puzzle sold on their website, reflecting their dedication to giving back.

✔️ What They Are Looking For

〰 Le Puzz welcomes puzzle aficionados who share their passion for these timeless brain teasers, especially vintage ones. If you’re captivated by the charm of vintage puzzles and want to share the joy with your audience, this collaboration opportunity is perfect for you.

〰 Alternative date night ideas, gifting or ways to de-stress.

✖️What They Are Not Looking For

〰 While creative freedom is encouraged, they are not interested in content that overlooks or misrepresents their dedication to environmental sustainability and eco-friendly practices.

〰 Le Puzz thrives on a passion for vintage puzzles. If you don’t share this passion or appreciate the unique appeal of these puzzles, this opportunity may not be the right fit.

💌 Contact: Michael Hunter, Co Founder Email[email protected]

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