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Kiala Nutrition

Kiala Nutrition is another super greens brand on the market.

Boasting a customer base of over 500,000 individuals, Kiala Nutrition has garnered praise for its transformative impact on gut health. Their products help reduce bloating and improve digestion, but that’s not all. What sets Kiala Nutrition apart is not only the well-documented health benefits but also the taste of their greens. Unlike many other well-advertised brands, Kiala’s super greens offer a refreshing and enjoyable addition to your morning routine.

Good for the gut, doesn’t taste like ass. Sign us up.

✔ What They Are Looking For

〰️ Men and women who can create content around wellness and healthy lifestyle.

〰️ Realistic success stories about changes in their gut health, reduced bloating, and improved digestion thanks to their super greens.

〰️ The brand’s range is designed to enhance health and wellbeing from within. DITL, morning routines, problems with gut and bloating will go down well.

✔ What They Are Not Looking For

〰️ Exaggerated claims, no content that provides misleading or false information about their product or its effects.

〰️ Calling out competitors by name.

〰️ Weight loss before/after claims. Advertising restrictions means they can’t explicitly touch on this – don’t touch with a barge pole.

💻 Current Creative: Kiala Nutrition’s previous creative efforts showcased the transformative effects of their super greens. Customer success stories highlight the brand’s commitment to gut health, reduced bloating, and improved digestion – but, and it’s a big but. We’re no longer running ads across Meta. Take stock of what might have gone wrong, and what you could offer that could deliver a better result. Look to Athletic Greens and FS-Greens for Inso.

👣 Contact: Jack Szymczak, Co-founder Owner Email[email protected]

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