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How To Fix The Capcut Storage Problem

June 26, 20236 min read

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or you’ve managed to avoid TikTok), CapCut is the go-to platform for new UGC creators. It’s a user-friendly, feature-packed video editing app available for both iOS and Android devices. Launched in 2020, the app has grown its user base exponentially over the last year thanks to its compatibility with TikTok. 


CapCut and Tiktok are quite literally two peas in a pod. And it’s no coincidence – CapCut was developed by TikTok’s creators, Bytedance. 


It provides UGC content creators with a powerful yet accessible tool to transform their footage into captivating videos. But, and it’s a big but — CapCut is a storage drain. 


9/10 creators who use CapCut have reported being infuriated by the app, with storage being cited as the main problem. FYI, I’ve made that statistic up, but I’m convinced it would be accurate.


Luckily, there are some workarounds for the CapCut storage problem. Thank me later. 

🚀 Table of Contents
    • What is the CapCut Storage Problem?
    • How To Fix The CapCut Storage Problem
    • Alternatives to CapCut For UGC Creators

What Is The Capcut Storage Problem?

The CapCut storage problem refers to the issue faced by users of the CapCut video editing app when their projects and media files begin to consume a significant amount of storage space on their devices. 


As users create and edit videos using CapCut, the app saves project files, cache data, and exported videos, leading to an accumulation of data that can eventually fill up the device’s storage capacity. This storage problem can hinder the smooth functioning of the app and limit the user’s ability to work on new projects or store other important files. 


Understanding and addressing the CapCut storage problem is crucial for maintaining optimal performance and ensuring efficient video editing workflows.

How To Fix The CapCut Storage Problem

To fix the CapCut storage problem and free up space on your device, you can follow these steps.

🔒 Delete unnecessary projects: Review your existing projects in CapCut and remove any that are no longer needed. This will help reclaim storage space by eliminating unused project files.


💻 Clear cache data: Within the CapCut app settings, find the option to clear cache or temporary files. This action will remove unnecessary data stored by the app, freeing up storage.

📝 Include a bio that highlights your skills and experience, as well as your contact information so potential partners can get in touch with you.


📹 Export and delete videos: After exporting your edited videos, ensure you’ve saved them elsewhere, like your photo gallery or cloud storage. Once safely backed up, delete the exported videos from within CapCut to reclaim storage space.


🎨 Utilize external storage: If your device supports external storage options, such as an SD card or external hard drive, consider moving CapCut project files or exported videos to these external storage devices to offload the burden from your device’s internal storage.


🐎 Regularly optimize storage: Make it a habit to regularly review and manage your device’s storage. Delete unnecessary files, uninstall unused apps, and keep your device organized to prevent storage issues in the long run.

Or, and it’s a big or. Could it be time to experiment with an alternative to CapCut? 

Alternatives To CapCut For UGC

I like to think of CapCut as the beginners tool for video editing. It let’s you dip your toes in the water, but ultimately, it’s not going to give you the control you need to really hone your editing skills.


That’s where other programs come in. Our favourites are:


1. Desktop CapCut

While CapCut is primarily designed for mobile devices, you can also opt for the desktop version of CapCut. It provides a similar user-friendly interface and features, but with the convenience of working on a larger screen and utilizing the resources of a computer. No more iCloud storage warnings, hallelujah.


2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Known for its professional-grade editing capabilities, Adobe Premiere Pro is a robust video editing software available for desktop. It offers a wide range of features, advanced editing tools, and extensive customization options, making it an excellent choice for UGC creators seeking more advanced editing capabilities.


3. Final Cut Pro

Exclusive to Apple devices, Final Cut Pro is a powerful video editing software popular among professional editors. It offers a comprehensive set of tools, advanced effects, and seamless integration with other Apple products. UGC creators using Apple devices may find Final Cut Pro to be a suitable alternative to CapCut.




🚀 Ready To Free Up Some Space?

These alternatives provide a range of options for UGC creators based on their editing needs, skill level, and available resources. Explore these alternatives to find the one that aligns best with your requirements and enhances your video editing capabilities.

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