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Good Molecules

November 16, 20232 min read

Good Molecules is a skincare brand committed to delivering skincare solutions that work (and don’t break the bank). With products designed to address various skincare concerns, ranging from dark spots and blemish scars to uneven skin tone and texture, the brand emphasizes inclusivity and never tests on animals, aligning with ethical and cruelty-free values.

With a focus on simplicity and potency, Good Molecules offers a range of products formulated with powerful and beneficial ingredients. The Niacinamide Brightening Toner, Discoloration Correcting Serum, and Overnight Exfoliating Treatment are some of their best-selling products, each receiving praise for addressing skincare concerns effectively and efficiently.

In an industry often characterized by high prices and confusion, Good Molecules stands out by providing accessible and straightforward skincare solutions that cater to a diverse range of skin types and concerns. Their mission revolves around helping individuals achieve healthier, radiant skin without breaking the bank or compromising on ethical values.

✔ What They Are Looking For

〰️ Real Results: If you’ve experienced visible problems with your skin and have footage that can show an authentic before-and-after, you’re a perfect fit.

〰️Relatable and engaging content that will do well on TikTok and across Meta. Specifically, content that can tell a story.

〰️ GRWM, skincare routines, morning routines and educational videos.

✔ What They Are Not Looking For

〰️ Good Molecules values transparency. They do not support content that misrepresents the effectiveness of their products or their dedication to affordable and ethical skincare.

〰️ Complex content. While they appreciate skincare knowledge, Good Molecules prefers content that simplifies skincare routines and emphasizes the straightforward nature of their products.

💻 Current Creative: Good Molecules’ current creative content spotlights their best-selling products like the Niacinamide Brightening Toner, Discoloration Correcting Serum, and Overnight Exfoliating Treatment. The focus is on talking about noticeable results without excessive complexity or high prices.

👣 Contact: Kara N, Digital Marketing Manager Email[email protected]

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